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COVID-19 Virus Has Stocks Declining

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted February 19, 2020

The spread of the coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, is impacting the world’s health and its economies. It’s already affecting the supply and demand of some of the biggest companies like Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). If this virus continues to spread, businesses will begin to see even more negative effects.

One Step Closer to a Massive Wireless Merger

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted February 12, 2020

On Tuesday, a federal judge in New York approved a $26.5 billion merger between T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) and Sprint (NYSE: S). This decision will leave only three major wireless companies in the U.S., which could be bad news for consumers, workers, and innovation.

Investing in Mental Health

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted February 5, 2020

The recent mental health movement has become very beneficial to people who seek to get the help they deserve. It has also led to a growing market that is extremely profitable. Technology and mental health now go hand in hand. And venture capitalists are seeing the moneymaking opportunity that’s emerged.

Huawei Will Supply 5G Equipment to the U.K.

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted January 29, 2020

Despite the U.S.’s requests, the U.K. announced on Tuesday that it would receive assistance from the Chinese company Huawei to supply the U.K. with equipment to build out its 5G networks.

Work Begins on Massive Offshore Wind Farm

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted January 22, 2020

The soon-to-be largest wind farm has started its construction near the coastal village in the Ear Riding of Yorkshire, England. This wind farm is expected to provide power to more than 4.5 million homes per year. This would be huge and one step toward significantly reducing carbon emissions during our current climate crisis.

Is Casper Ready to Go Public?

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted January 15, 2020

Last week, the popular online mattress company Casper filed its S-1 prospectus. The company will need to really prove itself before it gets closer to an IPO, and here’s why...

Is a Big Year Ahead for Rare Earths?

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted January 8, 2020

The U.S. no longer wants to be dependent on China for rare earth metals, recently signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Canada to assist with this newfound independence. The U.S.’s desire to stop relying on China would easily add more fuel to the fire with regards to U.S.-China tensions.

Could Netflix Be Declining?

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted December 24, 2019

Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX), a pioneer in streaming services, made the subscription-based business model popular. But, with this industry ready for big change, Netflix could soon see its decline.

Intel is Bullish on AI

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted December 18, 2019

Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) announced its recent acquisition of Israel-based AI company, Habana Labs. Intel doesn’t want to miss out on being a leader in the prosperous AI market and plans to continue to invest heavily in AI acquisitions that will increase its chances of being a market leader.

A Big Year for Target — A Bigger Future Ahead

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted December 11, 2019

Target’s (NYSE: TGT) sales increased by 10%, with online sales increasing by 31% in the third quarter. Though some people believe traditional retail is dead, Target proves it’s alive and well as long as you invest in your stores and inspire consumers.

Another Delay in Trade Negotiations

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted December 4, 2019

On Tuesday, President Trump announced that trade negotiations with China might not be resolved after the 2020 presidential elections. Many industries and everyday Americans will be negatively affected by Trump’s tariffs, with a resolution nowhere in sight.

Tesla Unveiled Its Cybertruck

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted November 27, 2019

Last week, Tesla launched the Cybertruck, its long-awaited electric truck. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Tesla launch if something interesting and a little embarrassing didn’t happen. Could Tesla’s Cybertruck really be the future of trucks?

Juul Gets Sued

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted November 20, 2019

More problems have arisen for e-cigarette giant Juul Labs. On Tuesday, New York’s Attorney General filed a lawsuit against the company. Will Juul be able to make its way out from under all of this controversy?

Have You Heard About Geothermal Power?

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted November 13, 2019

The valuation of the global geothermal power generation market is expected to rise to $14.85 billion by 2026. With the search for sustainable, low-emission energy on the rise and the world clamoring for new ways to produce energy, geothermal power generation could play an important role.

Huawei Will Roll Out Hungary's 5G Network

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted November 6, 2019

This week Hungary, announced that the country and Chinese tech firm Huawei would be working closely together to roll out Hungary's 5G network, despite U.S. feelings about Huawei.