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Cannabis In Your Drinks?

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted October 21, 2020

There’s a new growing trend in the cannabis market and it is cannabis-infused beverages. And some of America’s most popular brewery and alcohol companies like Molson Coors (NYSE: TAP), Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE: BUD) are investing and partnering with cannabis companies to create cannabis-infused beverages of their own to stay ahead of the growing demand and trends surrounding the prosperous cannabis market.

Macy's Invests in Payment Company Klarna

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted October 7, 2020

Department store Macy’s (NYSE: M) has signed a deal to invest in a Swedish payment group, Klarna.

Asana Goes Public Today

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted September 30, 2020

Asana, the software project management company will begin trading on the NYSE today, Wednesday, September 30. A public debut by the company has been highly anticipated and now it has arrived.

The Plant-Based Revolution Is Here

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted September 23, 2020

Meat-eaters and non-meat-eaters launched a plant-based revolution last year. In 2019, the market for plant-based meat in the U.S. hit $5 billion. That revolution was due, in part, to the company Beyond Meat (NASDAQ: BYND).

The Future Is Contactless Payments

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted September 16, 2020

Contactless payments have gained more and more traction since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. This explains why fintech companies are going full force to invest resources into developing new contactless solutions that will protect consumers and businesses while also ensuring efficiency and business continuity.

Warren Buffett Bets Big on Snowflake

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted September 9, 2020

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has taken a big interest in the cloud-based data platform company Snowflake, Inc.

A COVID-19 Winner

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted September 2, 2020

The video-conferencing company Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ: ZM) continues to stand out after becoming a staple in many people’s everyday lives when the coronavirus pandemic hit. And the proof is in the numbers — early this week, the company reported a revenue increase of 355%.

Airlines Are Facing the Harsh Reality

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted August 26, 2020

American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) said it plans on laying off or involuntarily furloughing 19,000 of its employees as of October 1. This plan could change as long as the airline is able to receive assistance from Congress.

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted August 12, 2020

The next big revolution is already here. The artificial intelligence revolution is here and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 42.2% in the next seven years. It’s already bringing major innovations to some of the biggest industries like agriculture.

Could Microsoft Buy TikTok?

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted August 5, 2020

The Trump administration wants to ban the social media app TikTok over allegations the app poses a national security threat. Since then, there has been talk of Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) purchasing the app from its Chinese parent company, ByteDance.

A Big E-Commerce IPO

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted July 29, 2020

The Austin, Texas-based e-commerce company BigCommerce is expected to go public next week on Wednesday, August 5. 

Jeff Bezos Is Only Getting Richer

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted July 22, 2020

This week, Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos got even richer. On Monday, he added $13 billion to his net worth. He is now worth $189.3 billion and is on track to becoming the first trillionaire by 2026. So you could definitely say, coronavirus pandemic or not, Amazon continues to thrive.

Apple Software Company Set to Go Public

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted July 15, 2020

Jamf Holdings, a cloud software platform that allows you to connect and manage Apple devices, has announced that it’s expecting to go public on Thursday, July 23 and aims to raise $272 million to $304 million from its IPO.

Uber Buys Postmates

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted July 8, 2020

On Monday, Uber (NYSE: UBER) bought food-delivery startup Postmates for $2.65 billion. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Uber realized it needed to push its business towards profitability and growth. With its Uber Eats division increasing by 53% in the first quarter of 2020, the obvious direction in which to go was the food-delivery market.

Advertisers Are Boycotting Facebook

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted July 1, 2020

On Monday, Facebook shares fell close to 3% in early trading but eventually rebounded. The list of advertisers abandoning the site continues to grow. Some big companies, like Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX), Coca-Cola (NYSE: CCEP), and Hershey’s (NYSE: HSY), announced they would be pausing their advertising spending on the social media platform.