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Trading Volume: The Pulse of a Penny Stock

Written by John Peterson
Posted August 21, 2018

For most stocks that a typical investor tracks on a daily basis, trading volume doesn't play a huge role in affecting their share prices. But in the world of penny stocks, all that changes radically...

Roku on the Rise

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted August 15, 2018

We’re living in the age of streaming services as people continue to “cut the cord” of traditional televisions services. And one streaming service company has the ability to adapt to what consumers want...

American Exceptionalism and Business Bravery

Written by John Peterson
Posted August 14, 2018

Is business in America inherently different? Probably not, but one thing is for sure: entrepreneur confidence. And according to the figures, that alone can change everything.

Walmart Wants Robots to Grocery Shop for You

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted August 8, 2018

Using robots as product fulfillment isn’t a new concept. Amazon has been doing it for years. And now, Walmart is jumping on board through its new partnership with Alert Innovation...

Re-Risking Your Microcap Portfolio

Written by John Peterson
Posted August 7, 2018

I've written before about the process of de-risking microcap stocks, and I'm still of the philosophy that taking fast, strong, reliable gains is better than holding out for those life-changing, five-figure monsters that we hear about but somehow never get to exploit.

Could Brandless Be a New Competitor for Amazon?

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted August 1, 2018

People used to buy products because they were familiar with the brands. Now, it's all about the value and quality of products. With a new highly curated online marketplace in the game, should Amazon be worried?

Taking the Risk Out of Microcap Stocks

Written by John Peterson
Posted July 31, 2018

Investors generally come in two varieties: the risk averse and the risk insensitive. Most people, invariably, fall into the first category.

Are You a Ninja or a Kamikaze?

Written by John Peterson
Posted July 23, 2018

There are many ways to trade but not all of them are beneficial to your bottom line. Find out what personality traits you have, and learn to either use your strengths or minimize your weaknesses.

Apple Employee Arrested for Trade Secret Theft

Written by John Peterson
Posted July 16, 2018

The FBI says that a former Apple employee who'd been attempting to flee to China with secrets to self-driving cars was apprehended at the airport.

Just a Bunch of Cheaters: Another Emissions Scandal

Written by John Peterson
Posted July 13, 2018

First, it was Volkswagen. And many other automakers have since followed suit. The latest company to be caught in emissions cheating is Nissan.

World Debt Is Rising

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted July 11, 2018

Debt is rising. And it's rising fast. A solution is needed. We’ve recognized the problem, so now's the time to take control of the debt that's been plaguing the world...

Uber and Lyft Won't Be Satisfied Until This Happens

Written by John Peterson
Posted July 6, 2018

Branching out from ride-sharing alone, Uber and Lyft each won't be satisfied until they're everyone's one-stop transportation guide.

Could Bird Be the Next Uber?

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted July 4, 2018

A lot of investors believe that electric scooter-sharing will be the next booming sector. And the company Bird is definitely on the forefront of the industry...

Venmo Jumps Into the Physical World

Written by John Peterson
Posted July 2, 2018

Venmo has accepted the reality that some people just prefer to have a physical card in their wallets. And this notion is what has prompted its newest release...

This New Restaurant Is Disrupting the Fast-Food Industry

Written by John Peterson
Posted June 29, 2018

Creator, a San Francisco restaurant that opened this month, offers a $6 gourmet burger that's cooked and assembled with almost no human help.