Could Paris Be the First City With Flying Taxis?

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted June 26, 2019

The sci-fi movies I watched as a child included a lot of technology and items that seemed far-fetched or far into the future. I forgot the name of the sci-fi movie I watched recently, but the “future” was in the year 2019. And some of the technology in that movie seemed very ridiculous and nowhere close to what's happening in technology today.

When I was growing up, the idea of flying cars seemed like one of those far-fetched ideas. However, that technology could be part of our lives in the next few years. We’ve all heard that autonomous vehicles and the technology involved are being researched and developed. But what people don’t realize about advanced technologies like flying cars and autonomous vehicles is that there will need to be a lot of research and development to ensure the safety of both the people using the technology and those around it.

Can you just imagine if something awful happened and a flying vehicle crashed? Not to mention, there will be a need for new laws and regulations, and those lawmakers will have to think of every possible scenario. But Paris is giving the push toward making flying vehicles a reality. 

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Paris Is Making Plans for Flying Taxis by 2024

Paris is planning for flying taxis by 2024. In five short years, the country wants to incorporate flying taxis into its public transportation. It hopes to bring visitors to the city of Paris by flying taxi. 

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus (OTC: EADSF) and French transport operator RATP Group will be working together to explore the idea of flying taxis and see if it’ll be feasible to create “vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicles” that will operate in France’s capital. The hope is to bring flying taxis to Paris just in time for the 2024 Olympic Games. Finding a better way to transport millions of people who will flock to the French capital because of the Olympic Games will be a huge incentive to make this idea into a reality. 

Right now, in order to get to the city center when arriving at Charles de Gaulle International Airport, travelers have to take a taxi, a 35-minute train, or a bus that could take between 45 and 90 minutes. Without a doubt, that’ll be an exhausting commute, especially when most travelers will be coming off an airplane they most likely spent hours on. But with air taxis as a form of transportation, it's possible for there to be taxis taking off every six minutes, which would be a more convenient and quicker way to travel into Paris.

This project is going to be a massive one, and its costs are currently estimated at $11.4 million. Along with the feasibility study of VTOL vehicles, partnerships with airport operator Groupe ADP, the Paris lle-de-France region, and the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) have also emerged to also make sure flying taxis in Paris would be practical and safe. These organizations will look into traffic management, urban integration, maintenance, and design and production. 

This is going to be a massive endeavor for all organizations involved. According to a recent report, airport manager ADP has until the end of the year to pick a site to develop for a “vertiport” — a facility capable of hosting air taxis in the region around Paris. 

This is an ambitious task for Paris and the organizations involved, but if they’re able to succeed, this would be an amazing opportunity for countries throughout the globe to alleviate congestion in its cities and travel times. It's such an amazing opportunity that Airbus isn't the only company planning to launch air taxis. Uber (NYSE: UBER) has partnered with NASA on its flying taxi program called Elevate. Technology is about to be redefined in the next few years, and only time will tell what exactly comes to reality.

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