The Race for 5G Continues

Written by Jennifer Clark
Posted September 12, 2018 at 10:22AM

The race for the next-generation wireless network is taking place right now! This race has already started to get extremely competitive.

T-Mobile and Ericsson recently teamed up to support T-Mobile's 5G network deployment. This multiyear and multibillion-dollar contract says Ericsson will provide T-Mobile with hardware and software for its nationwide 5G network deployment.

How much did this contract cost T-Mobile? $3.5 billion to be exact. This isn't the first time that T-Mobile has spent this much money on a deal. In late-July, T-Mobile signed a $3.5 billion deal with Nokia.

T-Mobile, like its other rival carriers, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and LG, isn't waiting on the sidelines. Each company is going headstrong into this technology. And it's because this next generation of wireless network will be faster and more reliable than ever before.

A report by IHS Markit estimates that by 2035, 5G will have a $12.3 trillion global economic output. The technology will play a huge role in the global economy. And that's why tech companies are racing to be the first to deploy the technology...

Racing for the Lead

Being the first would give the company access to new customers, along with customers who've been with it for years.

That's why T-Mobile is making its deals this year — to ensure that it'll be ready to deliver the technology to its customers.

The arrival of 5G is expected to give users high speeds and responsiveness that will lead to new services like self-driving cars, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) streaming, and remote surgeries — to name a few.

Statista expects 5G to hit the market by 2020. And by 2021, the number of 5G connections is expected to reach between 25 million and 100 million.

T-Mobile and its deal with Ericsson will supply 5G New Radio hardware to again ensure that new technologies and services will be available for 5G.

T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Neville Ray made a statement, saying:

With this new Ericsson agreement we're laying the groundwork for 5G – and with Sprint we can supercharge the 5G revolution.

T-Mobile is making its deals and partnerships to prepare for the deployment of the technology and so it can be one of the leaders of the 5G race.

Companies are nailing down any and all opportunities that will lead them to prosperity in the new tech revolution...

Verizon 5G Home Broadband Will Launch in October

On Tuesday, Verizon said the installation for its 5G home broadband service, Verizon 5G Home, would start October 1st. And it said service would begin once installation is completed.

Customers in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, California, will be able to order the service. The service will cost $50 for Verizon Wireless customers and $70 for non-Verizon Wireless customers.

This will give Verizon huge bragging rights as the first carrier in the world to get 5G wireless technology. But Verizon's early 5G launch uses nonindustry-standard technology. So, a lot of critics are saying the launch isn't technically 5G, despite its ability to deliver high speeds.

But Verizon plans to move to the industry-standard 5G equipment whenever it becomes available. And the company will switch early customers to industry standards for free.

These companies want to be the first to deploy 5G and are doing everything they can to hold that title. The race is on…

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