Special Report: 3 Year Headstart: The Hottest Investment Stories of 2020

The One Commandment Of Investing… Don’t Break It


It’s one of the most memorable investment stories I’d ever heard, and stars one of the most iconic figures of the first half of the 20th century.

Joe Kennedy, patriarch of the Kennedy dynasty, could trace his entire fortune – and by extension, the influence of one of the most powerful families in American history – back to one conversation.


According to legend, he decided to exit the stock market after one talk with a man shining his shoes.

It was at the moment that this shoe-shiner started to give Joe advice on which stocks to buy that Joe realized the entire thing was on the edge of disaster.

He sold, and waited, and found himself sitting on a mountain of cash just as the Crash of 1929 put the entire western world into a decade-long depression.

His reasoning was simple: when the common man steps into the world of capitalism, the peak has passed… It’s time to sell.

At the time, Joe Kennedy didn’t know how right he was, because that single decision set the Kennedy family on a path landing his most famous son – John – in the White House, just thirty years later.

His prediction was life-changing, but his thinking was so timeless and basic that it still holds true today.

Investment 101: If You Remember Nothing Else, Remember This

The overarching rule can be stated like this:

When the general public latches on to a market, no matter what market that may be (in Joe's case, the entire stock market), the smart money will already be selling.

It’s what makes the smart money the smart money, because after all, whenever you’re buying a stock, you’re doing so with the understanding that you will one day sell into a livelier market.

And what can possibly be livelier than a market including everyone with access to internet, and mainstream financial advice, bidding on shares you already own.

Buying early, and selling into the mass manias is how rich people stay rich, and get richer, but it’s also one of the main stumbling blocks for investors who don’t have access to things like exclusive private equity financings.

The average, retail investor is relegated to one of two solutions:

1.)  They can try to find the next greatest thing themselves, or

2.)  They can hire a money manager to do it for them

Unfortunately, as the case is with anything requiring trained thinking and years of experience, doing it yourself is very risky.

And with money managers more concerned with their annual management fees than your growth, the chances that you’re going to find some genius working at a big-name investment house to turn your small nest egg into a fortune are equally miniscule.

That’s the paradox facing today’s retail investor, and at the end of the day, it is what keeps that retail investor from getting rich.

Don't Tolerate The Status Quo

It’s the paradox Pro Trader Today was designed to solve.

Instead of telling you what the smart money knew about 5 years ago, we write about what will be the hot news 5 years from now.

We won’t tell you that Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is what you should be buying…

We’ll tell you which new mining company will be supplying Tesla’s Gigafactory with Lithium and Cobalt.

We won’t tell you why Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is still the most promising stock in the internet Universe.

We’ll tell you about the next company they’re looking to acquire.

We won’t tell you what’s already happened, or how much money early investors or venture capitalists made when a new tech stock IPOd on the NASDAQ.

We give you actionable information, presented in a calm, objective manner.

Make no mistake about, any other investment information you get today, isn’t information at all, but old news.

On The Horizon

Right now, we’re looking into a number of specialty niches within rapidly expanding industries including cannabis, advanced materials, artificial intelligence, robotics and internet technology.

2017 is predicted to be a huge year for drones, as several major retailers approach rolling out UAV delivery services; and we expect at least a couple different ways to approach that catalyst.

For cannabis, the growth-drivers appear never-ending as state legislation continues to evolve towards legalization.

In all, the industries we’re following are expected to grow more than 500%, in total market capitalization, by the year 2025.

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Today, these industries are still considered ‘fringe’, ‘emerging’, or my favorite, ‘alternative’, but as widespread acceptance takes hold, they will gradually transition to mainstream.

And that’s when the retail investor will finally feel comfortable enough to put some hard-earned money into the dream of even greater growth.

… That’s when the smart money will sell.

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