Special Report: Biotech: The Pro League of Stock Trading

Open Minds Do Better

You know, I usually find it funny when traders and supposedly “professional” investors sit there and tell me that they prefer one sector over another.

Some ramble on about dot-com, some stick solely to oil or gas, some are totally into precious metals, and some swear by making no decision at all and trusting their cash with hedge funds and money managers who spread it every which way.

Personally, I go where the opportunities are.

And the opportunities in the biotech sector have never been more compelling than they are right now.

It doesn't take an economic visionary to understand why.

Today, we live in the age of science. With computers growing smarter every day, engineering on a molecular level is achieving unprecedented milestones... And for the first time in history, pharmaceutical technology is finally putting up a real fight against terminal diseases like Alzheimer's, ALS, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and a wide spectrum of other age- and gene-related illnesses.

Of course, the market for medicine has always been strong — and as long as there are humans, and as long as those humans live longer and longer, that market will continue to grow.

Biotech Hits Critical Mass

Today, for the first time ever, science is approaching that critical point where man can finally control the nature of how disease originates and develops.

I call it the Biotech Boom — and just like the digital/microprocessor boom that took place decades earlier and that is now making this boom possible, when this moment in history arrives, it will forever change the economic and social landscape of our society.

The thing is, it's not a single company leading this revolution into 21st century medicine... It's a whole category of companies, and they range from the multi-billion-dollar multi-national corporations all the way down to the youngest start-ups in existence.

Now, for investors, here is where this scientific revolution becomes very real, very tangible, and potentially very lucrative.

You see, biotech revenues are shooting up — and one of the main drivers is the appearance of new revenue streams, all coming from new patents, new technologies, and new innovations.

biotech revenues

The appearance of new companies that are taking advantage of these technological possibilities is equally unprecedented.

The sheer number of new firms making their pubic debuts on both sides of the Atlantic adds credibility to the theory that what's happening today in the field of biotechnology is a repeat of what we already saw with computers over the last few decades.

One look at the dramatic escalation in IPOs illustrates the point quite well.

ipos 2008-2013

It really is a golden age for the industry, and everyone — both established brands and new companies alike — has been invited to make their mark.

Computers + Medicine: A Natural Marriage

Thanks to the scalability of modern digital technology, even small companies can participate in the Biotech Boom.

Tiny start-ups with the smallest market capitalization and powered by nothing but the sheer talent and determination of their founders are now piling into the sector at an unprecedented rate.

The reason? Because they're also being acquired by the big companies at an unprecedented rate.

That is how the Biotech Boom is already changing the nature of commercial medicine.

So how does an investor make this work?

Simple: Find the next technology that Big Pharma is seeking to either buy or license.

Again, this doesn't take a genius to figure out. The demand for almost every family of medication is expanding on a monthly basis — and the big-name disease, like Alzheimer's, are on the hit list of every drug company, large and small.

Moving forward, Pro Trader Today will be focusing on this exciting and fast-moving sector.

There has been no better time to take part in one of mankind's most important scientific endeavors — and no better time to profit from the miracles it produces.

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