Next Big Thing

Don’t be surprised if there’s not a lot of upside for stocks between now and the next Fed meeting on June 14. The S&P 500 has come a long way to challenge its 52-week highs, a little breather makes sense. And if the market decides to pull back, it doesn’t mean that this rally was all BS hype. Use weakness to add quality stocks.

By Brit Ryle
Updated June 2, 2023

Bring on the Bull!

Consumer sentiment is terrible, one article said. Market breadth is much too narrow, another article said. Inflation is too stubborn and rates are headed higher, bond yields are precarious, banks are still in danger of failing, earnings aren’t rebounding, manufacturing surveys are weak, consumer credit is too high and delinquencies are spiking – they droned on and on with “proof” that there’s just no way there could actually be a new bull market in the works…

By Brit Ryle
Updated May 31, 2023

An AI Bubble?

You get a 25% one day post-earnings ramp job that adds $200 billion to an already mega-cap tech stock that’s smack in the middle of an emerging tech trend, and yeah, you’re gonna get some grumpy folks yelling “bubble!”

By Brit Ryle
Updated May 26, 2023