The Bears Eat Goldilocks

Stubbornly strong employment data even as interest rates push 5% has encouraged some strategist-types to suggest that the Fed might engineer a “no-landing” outcome – a “goldilocks” ending where inflation magically falls without any serious damage done to the economy, where everything comes out ju-u-u-st right…

By Brit Ryle
Updated March 20, 2023

Fed’s Balance Sheet Bingo

Two American banks failed. A few more – including a pretty big international bank, Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) – weakened to the point that action was required. So the powers that be – ie the Fed, the Treasury and other banks – have stepped up to offer a backstop intended to assure account holders that they don’t need to pull their funds out.

By Brit Ryle
Updated March 17, 2023

Bitcoin?!? Umm...No

I don’t always watch CNBC, but when I do, I usually end up shaking my head in disgust… Because the endless stream of fund managers that get invited on the air to share their thoughts on how investors should respond to the crisis du jour are not really there to help anyone at all.

By Brit Ryle
Updated March 15, 2023