Is a Trade War Near?

Over the weekend, Trump did what he does best and went to Twitter to tweet about his opinions on trade negotiations between the U.S. and China.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated May 8, 2019

Could the FDA Legalize CBD in Food and Drink?

The FDA will be meeting on May 31 to discuss CBD and the possibility of legalizing it in food and drink.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated April 3, 2019

A Lyft IPO Could Happen This Week...

It’s happening this week… Lyft will be making its initial public offering (IPO). Some never thought this day would come. The company has spent the last six years becoming a service that the U.S. is familiar with.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated March 27, 2019

Stitch Fix Surges After Earnings

Stitch Fix’s stock is up more than 78% since its November 2017 IPO. The future is bright for this company, and it’s time you start paying attention.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated March 13, 2019

Will Your Driverless Car be Hacked?

Driverless cars are the future, but automated vehicles may come with a whole new set of risks.

By John Peterson
Updated March 11, 2019

Quip is Changing the Way We Brush Our Teeth

Quip is a toothbrush subscription company that has reinvented an item, which has been a staple in all of our lives and made it more exciting and stylish.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated March 6, 2019

The Race to 5G Dominance

5G is the next generation of wireless technology. It’s going to bring the connectivity that the world will soon depend on.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated February 20, 2019

Will Altria Get Burned By Juul?

John Peterson begins a discussion of Altria's acquisition of a 35% stake in Juul. Should you buy the dip?

By John Peterson
Updated February 15, 2019

Slack Files to Go Public

Slack Technologies filed its S-1 Form confidentially with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this week. Could this be the push that the initial public offering (IPO) market was hoping for?

By Jennifer Clark
Updated February 6, 2019

Can Apple Be the Netflix for Games?

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is headed in a new direction. It is speculated that the company is slowly building content subscriptions, in addition to working on a gaming subscription. The idea is to be the Netflix of gaming.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated January 30, 2019

The Real Impact of the Government Shutdown

As of today, January 25th, we’re now entering the 35th day of the shutdown, and it’s taking its toll. It’s not just D.C.-area employees that are being affected. An estimated 800,000 federal workers have essentially gone a month without pay.

By John Peterson
Updated January 25, 2019

The Demand for the Self-Driving Car Is Still High

We're all patiently waiting for the green light on self-driving vehicles. Obviously, the technology involved is still being perfected. But there are some under-the-radar companies that we should keep an eye on...

By Jennifer Clark
Updated January 16, 2019

Wireless Charging is Here!