Uber Is Ready to Acquire Grubhub

The food delivery market was growing before the pandemic but now, with people staying home and placing food delivery orders through Uber’s (NYSE: UBER) Uber Eats and Grubhub, Uber has even more incentive to finalize an acquisition deal with Grubhub.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated May 20, 2020

Clorox Is Working Around the Clock

Clorox (NYSE: CLX) has experienced a 500% increase in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that demand doesn’t seem like it’ll slow down any time soon.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated May 6, 2020

Wayfair Is on the Rise… for Now

The online furniture store Wayfair (NYSE: W) has surged 500% over five weeks, but will it last?

By Jennifer Clark
Updated April 29, 2020

Communicating in the Time of a Pandemic

Video conferencing has become the new way to interact with coworkers, friends, and family during this pandemic. Tech companies like Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) have focused part of their businesses towards this new normal in order to reap the benefits from this growing market.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated April 22, 2020

Amazon Hits a New High

The coronavirus pandemic has shut down nearly the entire U.S. and the world, but it has done the opposite for Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN). While the company is experiencing an influx of business and new stock market highs, it might not last forever.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated April 15, 2020

Massive Tech Companies Feel the Pressure

Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) founder Bill Gates and Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook have stepped in to help with the fight against COVID-19. Find out how these massive tech companies are doing their part during this pandemic.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated April 8, 2020

Retail Gets Hit Hard by Coronavirus

President Trump announced on Sunday that the nation may need to continue isolating until April 30. This announcement, along with recent COVID-19 news, has forced retailers to make some painful but necessary decisions to keep businesses afloat.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated April 1, 2020

Cannabis Sales Surges Because of COVID-19

There’s a lot of ways to cope with anxiety and distress, and for some weed is the answer. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that cannabis sales in the United States and Canada have surged as these government officials urge citizens to stay at home and fight the risk of spreading and getting COVID-19.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated March 25, 2020

Is The Market Adjusting to Social Distancing?

The federal and state governments have called for social distancing and staying at home to slow the spread of coronavirus, ultimately preventing overcrowding in the U.S. health care system. The market is adjusting and showing surges for companies like Slack (NYSE: WORK), Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON), and Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU) — all companies that make life at home in isolation a little easier.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated March 18, 2020

Airlines Are Falling Ill

The coronavirus is having a detrimental effect on the airline industry. On Tuesday, Airline companies American Airlines Group (NASDAQ: AAL), Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL), and Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) announced ways in which they will combat the downturn they are experiencing thanks to the virus.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated March 11, 2020

Coronavirus Worries the Fed

The Federal Reserve took action on Tuesday and cut interest rates to prepare for what could happen to the economy if the coronavirus continues to spread in the U.S.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated March 4, 2020

Amazon Is Set to Open Its First Full-Size, Cashier-Less Grocery Store

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is set to tackle the $800 billion U.S. grocery industry by opening its first full-size, cashier-less grocery store. Will this be the change the industry needs?

By Jennifer Clark
Updated February 26, 2020

Wireless Charging is Here!