Another Delay in Trade Negotiations

On Tuesday, President Trump announced that trade negotiations with China might not be resolved after the 2020 presidential elections. Many industries and everyday Americans will be negatively affected by Trump’s tariffs, with a resolution nowhere in sight.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated December 4, 2019

Tesla Unveiled Its Cybertruck

Last week, Tesla launched the Cybertruck, its long-awaited electric truck. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Tesla launch if something interesting and a little embarrassing didn’t happen. Could Tesla’s Cybertruck really be the future of trucks?

By Jennifer Clark
Updated November 27, 2019

Juul Gets Sued

More problems have arisen for e-cigarette giant Juul Labs. On Tuesday, New York’s Attorney General filed a lawsuit against the company. Will Juul be able to make its way out from under all of this controversy?

By Jennifer Clark
Updated November 20, 2019

Have You Heard About Geothermal Power?

The valuation of the global geothermal power generation market is expected to rise to $14.85 billion by 2026. With the search for sustainable, low-emission energy on the rise and the world clamoring for new ways to produce energy, geothermal power generation could play an important role.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated November 13, 2019

Huawei Will Roll Out Hungary's 5G Network

This week Hungary, announced that the country and Chinese tech firm Huawei would be working closely together to roll out Hungary's 5G network, despite U.S. feelings about Huawei.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated November 6, 2019

Could Google's Alphabet Buy Fitbit?

Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) acquiring Fitbit (NASDAQ: FITB) would open up a lot of new doors for Google. Both companies have had difficulty in this market. Together they could expand their efforts and become one of the major leaders in this space.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated October 30, 2019

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) Offers its Customers Disney+ for Free

The video-streaming market is heating up as two new services from Disney (NYSE: DIS) and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) launch next month. Verizon Wireless announced that it'll be on Disney's side by offering Disney+ to its customers.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated October 23, 2019

Are Americans Working Too Much?

Last year, Americans worked around 1,786 hours on average, which is over 200 hours more than those in the U.K. and France. Americans are overworked, mentally and physically drained, and still having a hard time making ends meet. Could a four-day work week be the best solution?

By Jennifer Clark
Updated October 16, 2019

Is This The Death of Fast Fashion?

One of the leaders of fast fashion, Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy last month. Are we seeing the end of fast fashion because of the recent “woke” generations or are we just experiencing the need for a new business model for fast fashion companies?

By Jennifer Clark
Updated October 9, 2019

Could Airbnb Go Public in 2020?

The home-share tech company, Airbnb, is making plans for its 2020 public debut. It won’t go the traditional route… find out more details here.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated October 2, 2019

U.S. Ban on E-cigarettes and Vaping

Vaping and e-cigarettes have become a big problem for the U.S. The Trump administration has banned flavored e-cigarettes and nicotine pods because of recent deaths linked to vaping.

By Jennifer Clark
Updated September 25, 2019

Cloudflare Impresses Wall Street

The cloud-based web security company, Cloudflare (NYSE: NET), went public last Friday. Here are some reasons why Wall Street was impressed...

By Jennifer Clark
Updated September 18, 2019

Wireless Charging is Here!