5 One-Stop Shops for Preppers

Written By David Roberts

Posted April 27, 2017

For many years, the lifestyle of the Kilcher family on the popular Discovery Channel’s show Alaska: The Last Frontier has captivated audiences across the country.

It’s their homestead way of life that has piqued curiosities. In such a technologically advanced and modern society, this family chooses to live off the land as much as possible.

But for what purpose when they could obtain a much easier and simpler lifestyle elsewhere?

The Kilcher family is a prime example of how “preppers” and “prepping” should be viewed.

It’s so much more than waiting for the zombie apocalypse to greet you at your front door and stockpiling gas masks, semi-automatic weapons, and ammunition in your hallway closet in the meantime.

The Kilchers showcase a sense of self-sustainability lost on Americans, a useful tool that will keep their families safe and fed no matter what obstacles the future may hold.

When preparing for any catastrophic event, one thing is paramount above all else: self-sustainability.

Having grown up on a small farm for most of my life, we were always comfortable in knowing that we were in control of a large portion of our food supply.

We had a few family cows for milk and beef, goats that supplied milk, sheep and alpacas for fiber, chickens for eggs, pigs for meat, and horses for potential transportation and horsepower if needed.

From a young age, my younger brother and I were taught how to handle firearms and knives for hunting and protection purposes.

My mother canned foods and stockpiled shelf-sustainable grains, made soaps with the milk from the goats and cows, and used the fibers from the sheep and alpacas to make small pieces of clothing.

I guess you could say we were just a smaller-scale, Maryland version of the Kilcher family.

From my limited experiences growing up — and from performing research on the latest prepper trends — the essence of prepping can be rendered down to five, maybe six categories: stable foods sources, water filtration systems, first aid, firearms and ammunition, outdoor outfitters, and farming.

There is no cookie-cutter path to proper prepping. Everyone’s needs and situations vary, and the events of the future are anything but certain.

With the threat of an impending government shutdown at the end of the week, it doesn’t hurt to have your bases covered.

I have compiled the following companies as some of the top prepper suppliers on the market:


“Legacy Premium food storage is the answer to reaching your emergency preparedness goals.”

Preparewise is a high-quality food storage and outdoor meal company with some of the best customer ratings in the industry.

The company has been voted the best tasting, has free domestic FedEx shipping, a long-term shelf life, the lowest cost per calorie, offers gluten-free options, and carries the biggest serving sizes around.

Its prepared meals will remain fresh and have a viable, stable shelf life of over 25 years.

The meals are sealed in Mylar packaging, which is the most efficient avenue in keeping oxygen out. The packaging is what gives the meals their ridiculously long shelf life.

When analyzing longevity, foods packaged in Mylar are far superior to their canned counterparts.

According to a customer survey, four out of five users voted their Legacy Premium meals to be the best tasting.

Preparewise’s meals are GMO-free, high in fiber, low fat, made in the U.S., contain zero trans fats, low cholesterol, low sodium, have no added MSG.

Its variety is expansive from bulk items to survival seeds, to cook-in-pouch meals, freeze-dried meats, fruits and vegetables, meal-replacement shakes, probiotics, and dairy.

The more-famous bulk meals range from 120 servings for $325 all the way up to 4,320 servings for $8,790.

Compared to other companies like Food Insurance and Lindon Farms, Preparewise’s Legacy Premium is the cheapest option with the lowest cost per pound on the market.

Aside from food, the company sells survival gear like “bug-out” kits and solar lights and power; other miscellaneous gear like water storage boxes, storage tanks, filtration systems, and deep well tanks; and fuel and power sources like stoves, solar generators, and solar lights.

Preparewise is a premium, one-stop shop for food, water, and energy needs.

Wise Company

It’s smart to have options, especially when it comes to things all humans can’t live without like food and water.

Wise Company is another top-rated company, comparable to Preparewise.

The company takes an innovative approach to providing dependable, simple, and affordable ready-made, freeze-dried, and dehydrated food for emergency preparedness and outdoor use. Wise Company was one of the first companies to ever use revolutionary Mylar packaging for its emergency food products.

Wise Company is praised for its high-quality and great-tasting foods, low cost, convenience, as well as a 25-plus-year shelf life that assures the public it’s a simple and dependable choice that will meet their survival needs.

Its meals are lightweight and easy-to-prepare during any emergency — just add water.

Although its bulk options are not as expansive as Preparewise’s Legacy Premium, Wise Company offers a range of food kit options from 72-hours worth of supplies all the way up to 12 months of food.

Wise Company also offers the ability to buy bulk food kits specifically designed for a single person, two people, or a family of four for any time period designation.

The company offers gluten-free food options, as well.

Wise Company offers not just emergency food kits but survival kits, water storage and filters, fuel sources and stoves, non-hybrid seeds, and other survival supplies.

It has dairy; eggs; and freeze-dried meats, fruits, and vegetables.

With a 99% satisfaction rating, Wise Company has become the nation’s leading retailer in emergency preparedness.

The company takes pride in helping families prepare for the unexpected.

It’s comforting to know that there are many options to choose from when it comes to maintaining health and quality of life for you and your loved ones if and when disaster strikes.

Cabela’s (NYSE: CAB)

According to a survey performed by Field & Stream magazine, customers who frequent outdoor outfitters like Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops (Bass Pro), and Gander Mountain hands down prefer Cabela’s for its variety over the others.

The company has made it on this list for multiple reasons, which includes its versatility and wide range of products.

At Cabela’s, you can buy hunting gear, camping gear, boating gear, fishing gear, clothing and boots, and —most importantly — guns and ammunition.

There is even an entire section on Cabela’s website dedicated to survival tools and kits, which includes small and easily overlooked items like emergency medical kits, paracords, survival multitools, emergency shelters, ponchos, safety whistles, emergency candles, and more.

All of these items are lightweight and can be easily stored and carried in a “bug-out” bag if needed.

Cabela’s also carries multiple instructional books on home defense and prepping for an array of unforeseen circumstances.

Even with its pending $5-million buyout deal with Bass Pro, Cabela’s shares keep climbing.

The company’s been steadily rising above 7% as of last Tuesday.

Despite Bass Pro and Cabela’s occupying similar niche spaces in both the U.S. and Canadian markets, Bass Pro doesn’t plan to change much with how Cabela’s does business.

Bass Pro and Cabela’s hope that the deal better positions both outdoor retailers for the future as online behemoths like Amazon invade more retail sectors, broadening its horizons and improving the ease of access for potential customers in the prepping and outdoorsman sectors.


Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) is another great, one-stop outfitting company that’s perfect for prepping needs.

Aside from retail, its website is filled with forums and articles on all things outdoors and survivalist.

The forums and articles are updated frequently, so you’re sure to receive the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

The company prides itself on not only providing quality products to its customers but also offering informative how-to classes on everything imaginable.

Some of the classes cost just a few dollars, but the vast majority of the informational classes are free.

A wide array of classes is offered at all REI locations. You just have to check the class list at your local REI store or online for upcoming schedules and dates.

Around Halloween, REI even offers an occasional free Emergency Preparedness Basics course conducted with a fun and light-hearted zombie apocalypse theme.

A corresponding article on its website illuminates the four basics components of proper readiness for when disaster strikes: storage and retrieval of supplies, survival food and gear, copies of important documents, and supply maintenance.

With minimal time, money, and effort, REI could have you prepared with the supplies you and your loved ones need to survive when no other assistance is available.

Graywolf Survival

I’ve included Graywolf Survival on this list because of the quality of information provided on the site.

The website was created in January 2013 by a former counterintelligence agent, known simply as “Graywolf,” during one of his tours in Afghanistan. The former agent has countless years of personal and professional experience in the art of self-sufficiency and survival.

A year after starting, the site had surpassed 500,000 page views and was, and still is, extremely profitable.

Graywolf was a combat veteran who began his military career in 1984 during the Cold War.

While enlisted and as a civilian, Graywolf lived in and visited many places all across the globe.

He has been in and has seen many different scenarios and puts the knowledge gained from his experiences to good use on his website.

On the site, there is a plethora of information readily available for preppers of any stage.

Users can post on the website to give or seek information to or from their fellow preppers.

Listed on the site is Graywolf’s preferred gear and where to purchase it.

Everything on the Graywolf Survival website has been proven and tested in the field, making it a premium one-stop shop for preppers of all kinds.

The Bottom Line

Prepping is a wise and potentially life-saving investment.

Whether you choose to “bug-out” and wait, homestead and gain some degree of self-sustainability, or outfit your own miniature compound, these companies will help make the protection you seek a reality.

That’s all for now.

Until next time,

John Peterson
ProTrader Today