BUY Creative Realities, Inc. (OTC: CREX)

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Your Pro Trader Today recommendation is Creative Realities, Inc., available under the symbol (OTC: CREX).



Creative Realities, Inc. is a marketing technology company.

The company provides shopper marketing and digital marketing technology and solutions to retail companies, individual retail brands, enterprises, and organizations throughout the United States and in certain international markets.

It specializes in a range of existing and emerging shopper and digital marketing technologies, as well as the related media management and distribution software platforms and networks, device management, product management, customized software service layers, systems, experiences, workflows, and integrated solutions.

Its technology and solutions include digital merchandising systems and omni-channel customer engagement systems, interactive digital shopping assistants, advisors and kiosks, and other interactive marketing technologies, such as mobile, social media, point-of-sale transactions, beaconing, and Web-based media.

Vital Statistics

Share Value: $0.15
Shares Outstanding: 65.10 million
Market Cap: $7.22
52-Week High: $0.30
52-Week Low: $0.10
Six-Month Target: $0.50

The Opportunity

The digital marketing sector is one of the growth industries of the 21st century and has already redefined many of the aspects of the shopping experience for both vendor and consumer. 

Through its technological innovations, Creative Realities augments marketing efforts by companies such as Alfa Romeo, Ford, Samsung, LG, and a host of others — through the provision of guided sales tools as well as large, publicly displayed digital and analog installations. 

The company, though small and very thinly traded, services an impressive list of clients within a broad spectrum of industries. 

Aside from those already mentioned, Creative Realities has worked with Fiat, Mercedes, Polaris, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Maybelline, Revlon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Time Warner, and even major financial institutions such as Bank of America, Charles Schwab, Citibank, and Wells Fargo.

Just last month, the company announced an additional $4 million in new orders from an existing client — a leading mobile network. 

Under these purchase orders, Creative Realities will provide hardware, software upgrades, and services to reconfigure and upgrade the MNO’s systems at approximately 180 locations.

Revenues from these purchase orders are expected to be recognized in the third and fourth calendar quarters of 2016.

Creative Realities will provide additional maintenance and support services related to the hardware and software, billable on an annual basis beginning January 1, 2017.

With the share price now sitting $0.05 above 52-week lows but $0.15 below 52-week highs, and added revenue from the new contract due to kick in at the start of next year, the time to buy is right now. 

We’re recommending investors initiate a position with Creative Realities at or under $0.20. 

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Please note that this company is public and is not to be confused with the privately held company Creative Realities