A Failure to Fear Monger

Welp, guess I’ll join the legions of financial/investment writers out there and talk about inflation and the Fed. Even with banks failing and a big jump in the number of economists and strategist-types saying recession is about to take us all for a ride to lower stock prices, the Fed is still the one driving this crazy bus…

Fair Value? Really?

With 5,300 stocks out there, it’s a pretty good bet that a pretty solid percentage are complete crap and should be completely off-limits for individual investors. And I will be so bold as to say that even within Morningstar’s cozy little neighborhood of 700 stocks, there will be more than a handful of crap.

Tesla’s Personality Crisis

A modern day Thomas Edison and Henry Ford rolled into one, Musk hit rockstar status in 2018 when he sparked up that joint on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Brilliant, wildly successful, rebellious, sense of humor – my daughter went to Baltimore’s top STEM high school in Baltimore, she said every student there followed him on Twitter.

Office Parties and Market Trends

I’ve been to enough holiday office parties to know the risks. The last couple months of any year is crunch-time for most businesses. Stress builds. And minds wander to gift shopping, travel planning, teenage kids cramming final exams while grade school kids prep for holiday concerts – distractions that feed the stressful frenzy…

About that Rally…

On Wednesday, I discussed the possibility that a rally might be brewing. For Exhibit A, I pointed out that the S&P 500 held above support at 3,818 for 10 of the previous 11 days. Exhibit B was the simple observation that stock prices in general had held pretty steady, even as the newsflow leaned negative – with a downgrade for bellwether Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and negative demand news for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA).